Age Group: 6yrs -12yrs

Time: 9am - 4pm 

 Price: 299/per week 





Children will stay active and learn new skills on the ninja warrior obstacle course, 24 ft. high rock climbing walls and one of a kind soft play

structure with turbo slide. In addition to developing ninja warrior skills, every week offers different fun themed activities to help develop their

minds and enhance their learning skills.



     Robotics and Technology: Week 1 | July 3rd to July 7th    

      Bricks 4 Kidz is a creative learning program where children learn, build

      and play with LEGO® technic Bricks. Watch your child’s imagination come

      alive and build their self-confidence. A great way to introduce young minds

      to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Mechanics!





Animal flow, Zoology: Week 2 | July 10th to 14th 

Animal Flow is an emerging fitness movement inspired by

primates, jungle cats, rabbits and crabs to help work up a low-

impact sweat and have tons of fun while increasing strength

and flexibility. Children will learn to move around in various

animal forms through simple moves and follow their coach. 

Pawsitively Pets will be visiting us showcasing various exotic

animals, reptiles and birds.





     S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math): 

     Week 3 | July 17th to July 21st 

     Rock your grey matter! During our S.T.E.M. program activities, children

     learn through inquisitive hands-on activities utilizing Science, Math, critical

     thinking skills and a great deal of IMAGINATION! Activities include: crystal

     making, planting seeds, magic rainbow-walking water, building catapults,




Claymation: Week 4 | July 24th to July 28th   

Create your own movie! In our claymation program, children will work together to create a stop motion animated story using clay, backdrops

and figurines. They will learn about storyboards, design sets, characters, and bring their creations to life!

Design and Build: Week 5 | July 31st to August 4th

This camp introduces young innovators to architectural and sustainable building structures. Be amazed by your child’s creativity when they

bring home their projects at the end of the week.

Aerospace: Week 6 | August 7th to  August 11th

Children dream up and draw their own design for advanced flying machines. They create their fanciful flying machines and put their creations

to the ultimate tests in a face off. It will also give children an introduction to solar technology. Through interactive lessons and hands on

experience, children will learn about the science behind aerospace and aerodynamics.

Game Design: Week 7 | August 14th to August 18th

Children will be introduced to game designing and coding. Using their creativity and critical thinking skills, children will get a chance to create

their own unique video game. NOTE: This program requires children to bring their iPad and installation of software called SCRATCH.

Sports Development: Week 8 | August 21st to August 25th

By incorporating fundamental motor skills into children’s training and daily activity, you can increase their sports performance. This is the perfect opportunity for ninjas to improve their skills and make new friends through high quality sports education. Focus will be on the secondary component of fitness, which includes balance, co-ordination focus, agility, speed, reaction time and power. Ninjas will develop fundamental movements and skills that are transferable to different types of sports such as basketball, gymnastics, swimming, hockey, and others.

Ninja Warrior: Week 9 | August 28th to September 1st

Finish Strong! Make the last week of summer count! All Ninja Warriors will be trained on rock climbing, parkour, and ninja moves to become

the best Ninja Warrior out there! Each child is different and will master obstacles in their own unique way. We aim to encourage

problem-solving, team-building and working together in a positive manner.


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