Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: When does my time start?

A: Our gates open for admission each half hour. Example: If you enter the facility at 10:17 AM - you would need to wait until 10:30 AM to start your time.

Q: What is included in the 1-hour admission ticket?

A: Kids 1-hour admission ticket is for $20 plus HST. It includes access to Kids Ninja Course, Rock Climbing and Soft Play. We do not have warped walls for kids yet. Adult 1-hour admission is for $24 plus HST and includes access to the adult ninja course, Rock Climbing and warped walls.

Q: How do you get to NINJAZ?

A: If you’re having trouble locating us, look for the Element Hotel and Holiday Inn as we are located within the same plaza. The major intersection is Highway 7 and Highway 27. We are east of Highway 427 and located on the North side of Highway 7.

Q: Are you open for Walk-In's every day?

A: During the summer break ( July and August ) we are open everyday from 10:00 AM- 8:00PM. During the rest of the year, with some exceptions, we are open from Friday to Sunday 10am to 8pm.

Q: Do I need to call in ahead of time to reserve a time slot to come in?

A: No, we do not book time slots ahead of time over the phone. You can purchase tickets online on our website or at the front desk, when you arrive. There will always be room for you, so don't worry about it being full.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Our facility is designed for those 4 years old and up in order to participate. For any children under 4 years old, they may stay in the Soft Play Area for only $10 given they are supervised by an adult. 

Q: Is the facility open on PA Days?

A: We are open on PA Days and offer all-day camps as well.

Q: Can kids try out the Adult Ninja Warrior Course?

A: If the child meets our height requirement of 60” they have the option to pay the adult admission price. This will give them access to everything except the workout rig.

Q: Can you stay longer than one hour?

A: Absolutely! We offer 3 Hour Passes. We also offer memberships.

Q: Does the facility cater to birthday parties?

A: Yes, we offer a couple of different options! Please visit for more information. For inquiries, please send an email to

Q: Do you have to be crazy athletic in order to participate?

A: All of the elements on the ninja warrior obstacle courses vary in difficulty. Same thing goes for the four different climbing walls. No matter what your fitness level, there is something here for everyone!

Q: How tall are the warped walls?

A: The warped walls stand at 12 ft. and 16 ft.

Q: Can you bring your own gloves?

A: Participants are allowed to bring their own gloves. We will also have them available for purchase at the front desk. We have chalk available as an alternative.

Q: What kind of footwear should you wear when visiting?

A: Adult Ninja Course participants MUST WEAR INDOOR ATHLETIC SHOES. Please bring your clean shoes in a gym bag. Shoes worn outside will not be permitted.

Kids and parents using the kids section - kids ninja course, rock climbing and soft play area MUST WEAR SOCKS ONLY.  

Q: Do you need rock climbing experience to use the climbing walls?

A: Our walls are equipped with an auto-belay system that allows complete beginners to join in on the fun! With the auto-belay system providing a soft and smooth descent, anyone can join in on the action.

Q: Are there lockers and showers available at the facility?

A: Yes! Both washrooms have lockers available for you to store your belongings and showers to use after you are done on the course. 

Q: Can you combine Groupon Promotions with In-House or Online Promotions?

A: No, you cannot combine any promotions.

Q: If I have received a free admission ticket, can I come in any day and use it? 

A: No, we do have days when the facility is not open or does not honour promotions on certain days. Please see below the Blackout Dates:


4th - 7th
11th - 14th
18th - 21st
25th - 28th

2nd - 5th
9th - 12th
16th - 19th
23rd - 26th
30th - 31st

1st - 2nd
6th - 9th
13th - 16th
20th - 23rd
27th - 30th

4th - 7th 
11th - 14th
18th - 21st
24th - 31st (Open from 26th - 30th but does not honour promotions)


Event Questions

Q: Is the Birthday Child included in the Birthday Package?

A: Yes, the birthday child is counted as one child in the birthday package. 

Q: Can we add extra time? 

A: Yes you can. An additional 30 minutes is $70. An additional hour is $100.

Q: Can we extend the event past 8:00 PM? 

A: We are open from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM. The latest event time is 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. If you are looking to extend your event past 8:00 PM, there will be a premium charge. For all other after hours events, please inquire about our VIP Elite. 

Q: Can children 60" and taller use the adult course?

A: Unless you book a package that includes the adult course, children are only permitted in the Kids Section. If children meet the height requirement of 60" and taller and wish to try the adult course, there will be a $4.00 upgrade charge. 

Q: Can adults use the course?

A: Adults are not permitted on the equipment. If they wish to participate, the cost per adult is $24. 

Q: Do you have paper waivers? 

A: We do not have paper waivers. All waivers must be submitted online, you can send the link to all guests:

Q: Does the package include food? 

A: Our packages do not include food. You may bring your own cold foods. You are not permitted to bring hot food. Hot food and Pizza must be ordered through us. Pizza is available from Pizza Pizza or Pizza Nova. Additional catering is available at extra cost from Peter & Paul’s Catering, however is not mandatory.

*We do not allow the following food items: Chips, popcorn, lollipops, fish or seafood of any kind, rice, sauces and hot foods.*

Q: Can we bring chips? 

A: Unfortunately, we do not allow chips. This includes, all chips of any kind, Cheetos, cheezies, popcorn, veggie sticks, etc.

Q: Do you provide juice? 

A: We only provide water bottles. You are welcome to bring your own juice or pop providing they are in small individuals. Examples are juice boxes or pop cans. We do not permit large bottles. 

Q: Do you provide coffee and tea?

A: We do not provide coffee or tea for parties. You are welcome to bring coffee, however it must remain either in the party room or the cafe area. 

Q: Do you provide tableware? Knife to cut cakes? 

A: We provide all tableware in the party room. This includes, tablecloths, plates, napkins, forks, spoon, etc. The colours are white and red. If you wish to bring your own themed or coloured tableware, you are welcome to do so. We do not provide or permit cups. 

We provide the knife for cake as well as the lighter. We also have some candles if you forget! 

Q: Can we bring decorations for the party room? 

A: We do not permit balloons, pinatas or any decor that requires being stuck to the wall. If you wish to bring anything to decorate your room, it must only be for the tables.

Q: How early can I come to set up?

A: Your party host will set up for you. With that being said, arriving early will not guarantee access to your party room before your party time. Our party hosts work hard to clean up and set up the party rooms as quickly as possible. Please be patient with them. 

You can arrive about 15 minutes before to check in as well as sign your waiver if you have not already. 

Q: Do you have a fridge or freezer?

A: We have both - fridge and freezer!



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